Benefits of an Optimized Press Release

Optimized Press Releases are similar to traditional news press releases, but they are distributed online and optimized to target specific keyword phrases.


1.)  Potentially reach millions of Internet users
2.)  Raise the visibility of your website in search engine rankings
3.)  Create quality inbound links to your website


Our Optimized Press Release (OPR) is a keyword optimized  and coded version of the traditional press release.  We provide the optimized copy writing, code optimization, management and distribution of your OPR.  Online distribution is managed by Webtyde Internet Market via a powerful distribution service that is included in the price of each OPR.  Results from each OPR are tracked and measured so you can analyze the success of each OPR and determine each individual ROI.  This cost effective way of gaining more visibility and driving more traffic to your website is well worth the initial investment.

Optimized Press Releases drive traffic to your website, are cost effective, generate publicity, increase sales, and are valuable inbound link creators for your Internet marketing campaign.  If you are in a competitive industry and are fighting to be #1, OPRs are a vital addition to your campaign.


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