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WordPress is the most common website content management system platform used today. With the popularity comes great advantages, and many show-stopping disadvantages. We work with all websites and content management systems, but we are specialists in WordPress management, maintenance, and hosting services in our San Diego and New Orleans offices.


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WordPress management services

With over 20 years experience in website developmentSEO, and digital marketing, we know how essential it is to keep your website current. This isn’t just for aesthetics. WordPress website management services help keep the WordPress content management system current, update all plug-ins to close any vulnerable access points, to prevent malicious malware code, and remedy any hacking incidents that can destroy your organic rankings.


WordPress System Updating

In order to keep your WordPress website system updated to current web programming standards and offer a functioning website experience for your viewers, you must keep your WordPress website system and all plugins updated.  When a site isn’t maintained properly, the likelihood of it getting hacked are increased exponentially.  Nobody likes getting hacked.

WordPress Hosting Services

Webtyde Digital Marketing uses WPEngine for fast, secure, reasonably-priced web hosting services for all our clients. Our WordPress website hosting services include an SSL, CDN, daily backups, and excellent customer service. We no longer recommend Godaddy or smaller hosting companies for business WordPress websites. We’re fully transparent about which companies we use so our clients can feel confident that they’re getting the highest quality hosting. 


WordPress Website Security

If you haven’t experienced the awful feeling of shock once you’ve been notified by one of your customer that your website was forwarding to an X-rated website, you certainly never, ever want that experience. We offer WordPress website security screening and monitoring for all our clients. This is a vital preventative service that we highly recommend prior to site launch.

WordPress Website SEO

Our WordPress website SEO services offer custom keyword research, code implementation, WordPress website site speed optimization, and much more to help your brand become more visible organically with your existing WordPress website.

WordPress Website Development

Webtyde Digital Marketing develops custom and template website development depending on your needs and budget. We have talented in-house graphic designers that can create a custom site or we can help you chose a modern template design for your website and customize it to express your brand. All our websites are built around a proper search engine marketing campaign with SEO built into the fabric of your site.

WordPress Website Hacking Remediation

WordPress hacking remediation and site restoration is another important service we provide which we hope you will never need.  Prevention is your best bet, but if your WordPress website gets hacked, contact us and we will fix it as soon as possible.

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