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Webtyde Digital Marketing Chief Marketing Officer Morgan Biggs

Morgan Biggs, Owner

Morgan Biggs has over 10 years of experience with SEO, Web Development, and Marketing Strategy. She got her start helping her father market his independent bookstore before going on to use the skills she learned there to help other businesses grow. Morgan went on to receive her Bachelor of Arts from Hamilton College, and before coming to Webtyde, she was Marketing Director of a national Cyber Security firm employed by the Federal judicial system. Morgan Biggs has been an avid student of digital marketing since the invention of the internet and has a passion for using that knowledge and experience to help Webtyde’s clients thrive.

Webtyde Digital Marketing Chief Marketing Officer Morgan Biggs

Jude Hinson, Social Media Specialist

Growing up in the “wild west” age of the internet, Jude Hinson has had their finger on the pulse of social media for most of their life. Jude finished their Bachelor of Science degree at LSU in May of 2020, studying anthropology and linguistics. Starting as an assistant, they have worked their way through the ranks and has become Webtyde’s trusted social media expert.

Account Manager at Webtyde, Ryen Torres

Ryen Torres, Web Developer

Originally from San Jose, CA, Ryen Torres has extensive web design and development experience. Ryen is passionate about computers and taught himself to code growing up. We had worked with him on previous projects and when he was laid off due to Covid, we hired him immediately. When he’s not zealously studying industry updates and news, he can be found on his bicycle in City Park. 

Virtual Team

Our Founder

Distance doesn’t matter when it comes to finding the best people for our team. We utilize trusted partners across the country and work with many amazingly talented professionals in New Orleans and San Diego. We are always accepting resumes for skilled, passionate team members in all our locations.

Our digital marketing team is assisted by Webtyde’s founder. She has over 20 years of experience in internet marketing, SEO, and website development. She received her Bachelor’s in Marketing and has 19 years of project and program management experience in the software and website development and industries. Her prior work experience includes projects with Adobe, Microsoft, Google, eBay, PayPal, and Skype on various development projects.

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