Production Fastening Systems, L.L.C., founded in New Orleans in 1987, is a family-owned business that brings decades of experience to the offshore fabrication, shipbuilding, and steel fabrication industries. This commitment to excellent service in addition to providing their products nation and worldwide has gained PFS a reputation as a reliable source for all things stud welding and fastening. Founder, Gerry Keller, started the company when he saw the need for more industrial fastening suppliers in the shipping and offshore industries that thrive here in the port city of New Orleans.



Production Fastening Systems develops, manufactures, and sells all types of fasteners and mounts for each and every possible scenario in the complex world of industrial construction. Products that PFS has developed include:

  • Pneumatic Tube Support: stud mounted stainless steel tube supports
  • Pneumatic Tray Mount: supports for tubing systems that fasten onto outer tray side walls
  • T-SEP Assembly: Tube separation assembly for keeping tube runs fastened, aligned, separated and elevated to reduce corrosion
  • SGC Style fasteners for fiberglass grating: grating fasteners which provide fastening without “teeth” that can penetrate fiberglass grating
  • FGGC Standard Mounting Bracket: grating mounting brackets which can be applied from above the grating and allow for the fastening of a 3/8” tapped structure
  • PFS Slotted Cable Hanger: stud mounted cable supports offered in stainless steel or zinc plated mild steel

The PFS Slotted Cable Hanger is their best-selling product and has had a zero-rejection reputation since its introduction in 1991. The Slotted Cable Hanger is a stainless-steel bracket that fastens to a stud and supports cables so that they don’t dangle or become tangled. This hanger is so adaptable that it can be fastened to any structural surface.

On August 15th 2017, Production Fastening Systems, L.L.C. was awarded US Patent #9,732,884 for their T-SEP™ Assembly (Tube Separation Assembly). The T-SEP is designed to maintain separation between tube delivery systems while preventing corrosion. The T-SEP has been used in projects such as Amarata Hess Stampede, Noble Leviathan, Statoil Peregrino, Chevron Wheatstone, BP Mad Dog II, and Shell Vito to name a few. It has become the standard clamping system for major offshore projects. Production Fastening Systems has received great feedback about the T-SEP as an excellent solution for fastening tubing in a way that greatly reduces the opportunity for corrosion. For more information about Production Fastening Systems, L.L.C. and their products, please visit their website,


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