Google Ads offers many different types of ads to suit almost any business model. A Google Search Ad campaign will target users who are searching for your specific product or service, placing you at the top of the search results for your relevant keywords. Google display campaigns generally utilize photos and are placed on Google’s partner websites across the internet. Websites trying to monetize their traffic will enable Google to place display ads around the margins of their pages and they make small commission when a visitor clicks. Google Shopping campaigns are similar to Search ads in that you are paying to occupy the first row of results in a Google Shopping search. YouTube ads are now also controlled by Google, which allows users to put short video ads before or during YouTube videos. There are even Smart Campaigns designed to be easily to set up and manage for beginners. The list of ad types goes on and you’re likely to find one that fits your needs.

PPC Offers Fast Results

There are many different reasons one might choose to begin a Google Ads Campaign. The situation I find myself recommending the most often is when a client wants to increase traffic quickly without having to wait for SEO. SEO can take 6 months to show full results and clients want to build traffic faster so I generally recommend Google Ads in combination with SEO so we have a boost in traffic that only continues to rise as their organic traffic rises.

Keyword Research is the Cornerstone of E-Commerce SEO

Rise Above your Competitors

Another situation where Google Ads are useful is in competitive industries. If you have a niche market, people are going to find you fairly easily but if there are 10 companies who do exactly what you do, paying for Google Ads can give you a much needed edge by putting you at the top of the search results above your competitors. If you don’t bid on your business name, they will. If you’re not running Google Ads and your competition is, you’re guaranteed to be losing business by always appearing below their paid ad in the search results.

 PPC is Cost-Effective

Google Ads are also an economical way to advertise for almost any business and offer an excellent return on investment. It can cost thousands of dollars to run a traditional print ad and all the people who would see your print ad could be reached for much less money digitally. According to Google, advertisers make $8 for every $1 that they spend on Google Ads; they are really worth it. If you need to find out more about your target market and what they are searching for, Google Ads can also assist you with the necessary research as you’ll know what keyword drove the most clicks. It’s also a very specific type of advertising, so if you know exactly what type of customers you want, you can target them by type of device they are using or the exact area that they live in. No matter which type of campaign you decide to run, you have control of the cost; you pay the amount that you are willing to spend per click.

 Google Ads is an essential component of any digital marketing campaign because it is cost effective and has a nearly endless capacity to be customized for your business and goals. Google Ads can be extremely complicated. When you set up a Google Ads account for the first time, it automatically sets the account on an “easy mode” and directs the user to create a basic, beginner-friendly Smart Ad, but there’s an incredible array of options beneath the surface that, in expert hands, can be properly utilized to get the maximum exposure for your budget. The cost of having your campaigns managed by a professional is easily recuperated by the money they will save you.

 After an ad is created, it enters a 30-day learning phase where Google tests the ad in a variety of different ways to get initial performance data. After the first 30 days of data are in, we can start to make changes and finely hone the performance of the ad based on the actual results. There is no substitute for actual data. If you aren’t super tech savvy or are new to paid ad campaigns, we can set one up for you. If you have a new business and aren’t sure what audience to target or what keywords to use, we can help with that too. We can also revamp your current paid campaign if it has gone stagnant and needs to be re-done. Give us a call or email to discuss Google Ads for your business. We offer campaign set-up starting at $250 and monthly Ads management starting at $300.