SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of engineering a website’s code and content to affect the visibility of a website on major search engines’ unpaid, “organic”,  or “natural” search results.  This is done over time and with emphasis on creating a clear message to visitors and search engines about what you do, who you are, and why you are an authority in your field.  It is an evolving process that grows your natural brand reputation over time to create trust and authority with search engines such as Google.

Other complimentary areas to SEO are social media marketing, content marketing, link building, and paid online marketing.  These all contribute to a brand’s website’s reputation, which contributes to high visibility in search engines.

Why Is SEO Important?

  1. It works.
    When SEO is planned properly for the long-run and implemented by experienced professionals, the sky is the limit.
  2. It’s an investment that keeps generating results.
    For the foreseeable future, there will be paid and organic search results everywhere.  From laptops to mobile, people are on-the-go and looking for quick search results.
  3. High ROI.
    SEO has one of the highest ROIs compared to any other marketing medium.  With Monthly SEO Management and content marketing, your website only grows stronger and more visible over the years.
  4. Searching not just to find you.
    People are using search engines not only to find your business, but to view online reviews of others to compare your service or product to your competitor.  It’s important to monitor your brand’s reputation.
  5. Mobile.
    Mobile has surpassed the laptop/desktop searches already.  Tablets are closing in on online ordering.  If you aren’t optimized for mobile, you’re already far behind and need to catch up.

These are just a small example of reasons why SEO is important for your online visibility and brand reputation management.  Webtyde Internet Marketing is here to help you create and maintain a strong and trustworthy Web presence while creating leads and sales for your company.

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