Although our geo-specific and Local SEO clients have all shown very good, consistent rankings for the past several years, these last two months have been exceptionally successful.  I’m attributing the success for many of our clients to their geo-targeted website campaigns.  With Google now showing results for Local companies within the organic results, this has opened up a huge market for our clients.

We offer both Local SEO and Website SEO.  Local SEO Map Registration is a service we provide that creates locally optimized Google, Yahoo, and Bing Map listings.  Businesses don’t even need a website with this service and is inexpensive to maintain with our new Local SEO Map Management service which starts at only $16.95 per month to maintain your Google Local map listing.  Our Local Website SEO service includes the Local SEO Map Registration along with optimization for your website, promoting the services you offer in your city/cities in which you do business.

An example of our Local SEO Map Registration and Management service is for a local children’s clothing store in New Orleans.  I met Karen from Mignon for Children last summer and she signed up her business for our Local SEO Map Registration services.  Her niece is in the process of finishing her website and with their limited marketing budget, our services fulfilled her business’s needs nicely.  Mignon for Children now shows on the first page in Google for many terms including “children’s clothing New Orleans”.  She signed up for our Local SEO Map Management service and never has to worry about remembering to monitor her listing.

Another big success story even before the recent Google algorithm changes was Dennis Daum Tile.  Dennis is a tile contractor located in Rocklin, CA, about 30 minutes outside of Sacramento.  Since we recently added a very affordable payment plan to help our small business clients, Dennis was able to spread out the cost over 12 months of optimizing his website with our Local Website SEO services.  We created a custom keyword campaign to target the greater Sacramento area for tile repair and installation.  Dennis chose our Starter SEO Package which includes optimizing five website pages for 15 keyword phrases.  Dennis shows in Google Local for his city of Rocklin, CA and in page one of Google for organic results pertaining to Sacramento, CA for many tile related keyword phrases.  He says he is getting several inquiries per week from his online exposure due to his successful Internet marketing campaign.

Local SEO Example

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are constantly changing in order to give the people who use their search engine to find things the best results.  Webtyde is here to help Google and other search engines find your useful information clearly and easily.  It’s all about being clear, ethical, and informative.

Please contact us if you would like to start gaining customers by getting found on the Internet.  We would love to help you.