Some things need to be maintained more than others, but almost everything needs consistent maintenance in order to uphold the original integrity of the thing or idea. For instance, you should paint your house every five to eight years on average depending on such factors as the quality of the paint, color of the paint, climate, surrounding environment, sunlight exposure, exterior siding material, etc.. You may need to maintain your relationships with people a little more often by taking a friend out to dinner a couple times a month depending on your relationship and how close you consider your friendship. As for your digital marketing campaign, Moz has told us that Google made at least 11 major changes to their algorithms in 2020 alone. Looks like you’re going to need to think about taking your SEO expert out to dinner for this one.

Google homepage on the screen under a magnifying glass. SEO maintenance is needed to maintain Google rankings.

First off, I want to make sure you understand the terminology. An algorithm is a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps, as for finding the greatest common divisor. Google’s actual algorithm is, and always will be, a mystery and closely guarded secret in order to protect the integrity of their search results. It’s about monitoring every change Google makes and following right behind. No matter how ethical a campaign you run, there will still be changes you will need to make in order to keep up with your competition on Google.

It’s not just about what your competitors are doing and matching or outdoing them, you must also take advice from your SEO expert to help you update your website in order to keep up with Google’s most recent changes. Being the diligent SEO expert that I am, I get the luxury of having several industry emails sent to me every morning at around 4 AM, seven days a week, and I get to read through the 40 or so article and blog entries each morning that have been posted by the industry experts. I’m very happy for the information and it keeps me very informed so I can keep my clients at the top.

Our SEO maintenance plans usually consist of a yearly contract designed to maintain and enhance your existing positions by adding a variety of strategic options, as well as a year of monitoring and making changes to your website as Google changes. Many years ago, it was considered absolutely acceptable to solicit links and give reciprocal links back to those who gave your website a link. Those types of outbound links are now considered to be negative and we had to make immediate changes as soon as we discovered this major change in Google’s algorithm or all our clients would have started to perform poorly in the rankings. All our clients who were in an SEO maintenance contract were adjusted and fixed for free and actually saw sharp rises in their rankings. The people who were not under a maintenance contract were left to fend for themselves, or more likely, sink with many others who were not aware of the changes.

With the fight for internet search supremacy fierce and the speed of changes white-lining between Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, SEO maintenance is a wise investment for your SEO campaign. Whether you are in Google Local or in Google’s organic rankings, every campaign should be maintained in order to remain competitive and keep the high rankings. Contact us if you’d like to discuss improving your organic search rankings.