Google Plus LogoThe New York Times recently wrote and article that highlighted two major US brands that have chosen to utilize Google+ as a focus for new market share.  Starbucks and The Economist are focusing on how Google+ can effect their search marketing campaign.

Many large and cutting-edge companies with daring marketing teams (time and budgets) are focusing on Google+ Pages for their businesses.  The two important factors are the demographics of the people using G+ and how / if it has an effect on Google’s organic search results for your brand.  The former being that Google has insight into many, many aspects of a user’s digital usage and therefore makes for much more effective brand advertising towards specific demographics.  The latter is professed by Google to not have a direct effect on your website’s organic rankings.  I vaguely believe this but if you notice when you are logged into your Google Account and perform a Google search, you will occasionally see G+ posts results in the organic search engine rankings.  Google has disclosed that they do not take into consideration a brand’s Facebook or Twitter content, but may use G+ content.

Google Analytics is still showing more website traffic being generated directly from Facebook and Twitter at this time, but G+ has a priority because it IS a Google product.

If you have an SEM campaign, you know G+ cannot be ignored as it is being backed by Google.  Not only does Google have the resources to make G+ the most popular social media platform by pure branding alone, it is the search engine with the most desired visibility.   Therefore, when Google says jump, you know the drill.