Updated March 22, 2021


The search engine marketing industry is buzzing like a rattled be hive with the discovery of Google’s simple change from http://www.google.com to https://www.google.com.  Who would have thought an “s” would cause such an uproar, but it has.

Keyword Research is the Cornerstone of E-Commerce SEOThat “s” in the https means that searches now take place with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and many websites note using SSL certificates are now not being shown in Google search results.  In 2010, Google started reporting searches under the https as “Not Provided” and this number has seen jump in the last three years, but today guarantees a majority if not all searches will now fall under “Not Provided” as a result.

Google announced it is looking to make the internet a safer place. The way they intend on doing this is by recommending and giving ranking priority to websites that encrypt their URLs.

Here is an example: If you are using a WIFI connection at your local coffee shop and there is a malicious person looking to get details about you that can allow them to access your personal accounts, HTTPS secured websites will help put an extra layer of security between you and the active or passive potential online attacker.

  1. Passive and active attackers can’t listen in
  2. Active attackers can’t tamper with the data
  3. Active attackers can’t impersonate the destination

If you are using an SSL certificate, this is good news. Look under your Google Analytics account, or in the reports generated from GA, you will see under the Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic your most commonly searched phrases that lead your visitors to your website.  You should notice this number has increased quietly over the last month in our reports and you were notified, but now they are up to over 2/3 and 3/4.  I expect to see these more like 90-95% next month.

This is just part of Google’s constant changes that we must adjust to. Google must prioritize the safety and user experience of the people that use its search engines so requiring a website be secure to be indexed makes sense. If you have been with Webtyde Digital Marketing this last year, your campaign is currently prepared for this. Your social media campaign has enabled us to not only utilize SEO, but now helps us ready for the next phase of digital marketing for 2021: web presence optimization. If you’re not with Webtyde and you need a SSL certificate, contact your hosting provider and they can direct you. We host through WPEngine and they offer free SSL certificates. If you have any questions about SSL, free free to get in touch and we’d be happy to help.