Last week, Google announced it is looking to make the Internet a safer place.  The way they intend on doing this is by recommending and giving ranking priority to websites that encrypt their URLs.

Here is an example: If you are using a WIFI connection at your local coffee shop and there is a malicious person looking to get details about you that can allow them to access your personal accounts, HTTPS secured websites will help put an extra layer of security between you and the active or passive potential online attacker.G oogle SEO-Friendly HTTPS URLs

  1. Passive and active attackers can’t listen in
  2. Active attackers can’t tamper with the data
  3. Active attackers can’t impersonate the destination


SEO-Friendly HTTPS Configuration

The actual way of going about this is quite technical, so if you aren’t a website developer this will bore you 🙂  If you are a developer, this video goes into details of the HTTPS, TLS, making it search-friendly, fast, and secure.  It gives you directions on how to go about making your HTTPS URLs SEO-friendly.