Just as it’s best to be as transparent and honest as possible in your business affairs, the same goes for your dealings with Google.  The complexity of Google’s algorithms will eventually catch up with those who are trying to defraud, manipulate, or misrepresent themselves by buying links from link farms, duplicating content, hiding keywords, and the list goes on and on.  A website’s  repercussions when caught by Google for fraud is to be thrown into the “Sandbox” or removed entirely from their indexes, depending on the severity of the violation(s).  To be “Sandboxed” by Google is to be ranking somewhere after page 5 or not at all.  Keep it honest, people, and will stay far away from the Sandbox.

One way to remain honest is to update your content as often as you say you will in your sitemap.xml.  There are options of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly so the SEs know when to revisit your website. Even though they usually visit much more often, it shows Google that you are true to your word when you update according to what your sitemap.xml says.  Our clients show consistent ranking improvements due to monthly updates, versus our non-updated test websites.  Our non-updated websites show a steady downward trend in rankings depending on how competitive their keyword phrases are.

Just remember, Google loves fresh content almost as much as they love honesty.