Bing has finally transitioned Yahoo search algorithms over to its search engine. With this announcement, so was the date that Yahoo Site Explorer will no longer be serving the information it used to.

This information was very important for link reporting since Yahoo Site Explorer was not only used for webmaster communication with Yahoo, it also was use to determine a relatively accurate number of inbound links to any particular website on the Web.

For many years, Google has given inaccurate inbound linking statistics deliberately. Yahoo Explorer was one of the tools the Search Engine Optimization industry relied on for a rough look into how many links were coming into a particular site. This is a sad day indeed.

Other link reporting options will be implemented, but we will have to start gathering new trending data from new sources which will definitely skew 2011 results for yearly reporting.

Webtyde will notify all clients of our new tracking methods in your monthly SE Performance Reports. As always, let Allyson know if you have questions.