On Thursday, August 23, 2012, Webtyde Internet Marketing was awarded the American Marketing Award for New Orleans 2012 Marketing Award of Excellence for Search Marketing.  The campaign that won was for Elizabeth B. Carpenter, Esq. website development and organic search engine optimization campaign. Elizabeth’s website currently ranks on the first page for many keyword phrases relating to “criminal defense attorney in New Orleans”.   Summary of Campaign: A criminal defense attorney in New Orleans who recently began her own practice contacted Webtyde Internet Marketing in July of 2011 wanting a website and SEO campaign for organic search engine visibility.  The client was an industry expert in criminal law in Louisiana and was an active writer for various online forums.  She was looking to establish a website and blog that would showcase her business and industry articles so people in need of criminal defense information or an attorney in New Orleans would be able to find her when searching online.   Marketing Challenge: The search marketing challenge for the client was getting a new URL, with a new website, with search results in the millions ranking within the top 10 on the first page in Google organic search engine results for “New Orleans criminal defense” within three to six months.  The average numbers of search results Google were over 1.5 million. Limitations and Challenges:
  • New URL
    • Newly created URLs usually take much longer to rank organically in Google than established URLs that are over a year old.  This presents difficulty to SEOs since the inbound links are limited or non-existent.
    • Inbound Links
      • We overcame this situation by tracking down all mentions of the client and added a link to the listing to her new website URL.
      • The utilization of optimized online press releases allowed us to submit fresh news of the client to thousands of online news outlets, creating new inbound links.
      • Social Media Integration
        • The client was very active with her social media outlets.  We optimized her Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts based off her targeted keyword campaign.
        • Client Blog
Since the client was an industry expert, she was writing a significant amount of guest blogs for many other websites.
  • Began campaign in August 2011
  • Criminal defense attorney in New Orleans
  • Needed to establish a website and increase search engine visibility in the organic results
Campaign Objectives: The campaign objective was to increase brand visibility in organic search engine results for specific targeted keyword phrases to bring new business to our client. Our specific goals for the campaign were to target and track 13 keyword phrases to see how each one ranked in the search engines by using third-party ranking software.  Our goal was to show ranking results on the first page of Google for 50% of targeted keyword phrases.  We also wanted to integrate her Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and any other web presence into the overall website marketing campaign to increase the ranking results for her targeted keywords. Target Audience: The definition of our client’s target audience are people who have been charged with a crime in New Orleans and need a criminal defense attorney that specializes in DWI defense, sex crimes defense, and drug crimes defense. These are the fields in which the client specializes.   Strategy: The strategy upon which the website and SEO campaign is based is that of visibility and clear calls to action.  The client needed an extremely visible professional website that would bring in new business. Keyword research was conducted and analysis was performed to choose the keywords with the best potential for conversion.  These keywords were chosen based on:
  1. The most relevant to her services offered
  2. The most searched
These keywords were created into the top 13 targeted keyword phrases, which were the basis of the entire Internet marketing campaign. Our strategy consisted of the following:
  • Created a targeted keyword campaign based on keyword research and analysis of her target market and profit centers.
  • Purchased newly created, SEO-friendly URL.
  • Customized a template website and created five pages.
  • Optimized the website for her targeted keywords.
  • Added a customized WordPress blog to her new website that allowed her to post her blogs to her own website rather than other trade websites.
  • Provided optimized online press releases to increase brand awareness and inbound linking.
  • Incorporated her social media accounts to create one complete and organized website marketing campaign.
  • Redirected current client efforts to achieve maximum effectiveness
Creativity of the Campaign: Since the client did not have an Internet marketing campaign and her website was non-existent, a creative approach to the campaign had to be developed to utilize her entire existing web presence in blogs and social media.  The strength of uniting her brand presence on the Internet in order to increase the strength and results of her website marketing campaign was vital. My team would have to incorporate the following items, existing or not, to all work as complimentary pieces to properly establish a consistent brand name and brand awareness for her search marketing campaign.
  • Keyword Campaign
  • Optimized Website
  • Social Media
  • Inbound Links
  • Optimized Blog
The innovative approach we took with our client’s website marketing campaign was to update and incorporating as much of her existing web presence based off her targeted keyword phrases to form one united website marketing front to maximize the visibility and effectiveness of her organic search engine rankings.   Marketing Components: Included in the 2011 SEO campaign were two online press releases.  The online press releases compliment the SEO campaign by creating more online brand exposure.  When press releases are submitted, they are picked up and posted by various media outlets. The imbedded links in the online press release create valuable inbound links from various online news sources.
  • Press Release #1 (submitted on 11/18/2011)  had 6,063 media deliveries
  • Press Release #2 (submitted on 3/15/2011)  had 5,780 media deliveries
  Evidence of Results: Effectiveness of the Program:
  • High traffic and high organic rankings immediately following launch of website
    • New URLs usually take much longer to rank than established URLs
    • High Organic Keyword Rankings
      • 85% or 11 out of 13 targeted keyword phrases ranking on the first page of Google (6/15/2012)
      • Ranked  #2 out of 1.7 million results for her primary targeted keyword phrase, “New Orleans Criminal Defense”  (6/15/2012)
      • “Criminal Defense New Orleans” #3 out of 4.8 million (6/15/2012)
      • “Drug Crimes Defense New Orleans” – #1 out of 19.7 million (6/15/2012)
      • “New Orleans DWI” – Page one out of 1.1 million (6/15/2012)
        • Rankings measured by using Advanced Web Ranking software with a static southern United States proxy IP address for consistency.
        • Website Traffic
          • From Launch (10/19/2011) until June 15, 2012
          • Visits: 1,633
          • Unique Visitors: 1,231
          • Average Visit Duration: 2:02
          • Percentage of New Visits: 75.38%
          • Client Reported Data
Client reported increased  telephone inquiries after launch of website which lead to her acquiring more clients.