Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, are a great way to get quick exposure online. Unfortunately, your investment is quickly spent by paying each time someone clicks on your ad and your visibility ends when your budget is gone.  SEO (search engine optimization) is the opposite in that you invest your budget into optimization an monthly management and your visibility usually grows month over month.


Definitions:  SEM = SEO+SMO+PPC

This formula broadly describes search engine marketing (SEM).  SEO focuses on the organic search results in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  Your website’s search engine optimization is the actual foundation on which your entire online marketing campaign is based.  SMO (social media optimization) optimizes and coordinates the major social media accounts that compliment your SEM campaign and helps your company connect with your customers on a more personal level.  Social media use and interactivity not only get your closer to your client base and get you more leads from different online properties, it is also an extremely strong algorithm signal that helps your website rank in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  PPC is the most expensive option that has the lowest ROI over time.  This is usually used for a new website promotion while the organic campaign is taking hold in the first six months, or during holiday sales and campaign promotions.


#1 – SEO Provides Long Lasting Organic Results

PPC provides immediate visibility and quick results when you need them, but SEO provides long lasting results when properly maintained.  Monthly SEO management fees are usually much lower than your PPC spend.  Monthly SEO management helps insure your website and your brand have a polished online reputation for your customers to see.


#2 – SEO And Social Media Work Well Together

SEO integrates with social media to expand your online visibility.  Google, Bing, and Yahoo all take your social media activity into account when choosing where to rank your website in their search results.  When your social media campaign is optimized and managed in conjunction with your SEO campaign, your brand visibility can be greatly increased.  Social media activity not only helps your website’s organic rankings, it gives you an opportunity to connect directly with your customers and form a long-lasting personal bond.


#3 – SEO Makes Your Website A Showcase

Your website is sometimes the first impression people see of your business.  It should be current, professional, and informative.  SEO forces you to keep your website current and make your website into a useful resource for your customers and potential customers.  Blogs are very powerful when used in conjunction with a keyword campaign, SEO, and social media.  Every blog you write is a resource in your online library of your website, and a chance for visitors to find your site.

PPC has its purpose in the SEM trifecta, but we recommend it be used as an adjunct tool when needed for immediate results and seasonal marketing pushes.  At Webtyde Internet Marketing, we offer all services related to search engine marketing.