What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is no longer an option for today’s businesses. Optimization is now an inevitable part of every content marketing strategy. Be it your official website, your blog posts or social media updates, you can improve your brand’s online presence through optimized content.

SEO pays off brands in lucrative ways. If a business adopts ethical and methodical promotional strategies, SEO can take your business to new heights of success.

What is PPC?

PPC refers to pay-per-click which is a model of Internet marketing, more specifically search engine marketing, in which advertisers have to pay a fee once any of their ads is clicked. Unlike SEO, you are buying visitors instead of earning them organically.


There are two basic differences between PPC and SEO. The first is how traffic is gained and the second is where listings appear on the SERP’s.
SEO is the organic method of ranking in the SERP’s. While it doesn’t take money to optimize your content, the process requires patience and time.

With PPC, you are able to place your site at the first page of search engines, but you have to pay for this service. SEO requires regular changes, based on the consumer behavior. Not long ago, companies could get away with keyword stuffing and a poorly written website. But, that is not true today. Optimizing your content with the right keywords can give you a positive SEO rank. Once you are able to achieve that, your website has more authority.

However, PPC gives you more quantifiable results. Since PPC networks, such as Google AdWords, offer unique metrics that allow website owners to see if their ads are converting and resulting in a reasonable ROI, PPC is a better strategy if you want to grow your business globally.
PPC also allows you to view the number of people who have seen your ads and the number of clicks with other key metrics. But PPC adverts disappear as soon as your campaign ends.

Bottom Line

While your business can score positive benefits from both SEO and PPC, choosing the appropriate strategy for brand promotion depends on your budget as well as your requirements. A business owner should be able to know the difference between SEO and PPC to implement the best marketing strategy to gain more visibility.