Press Release submitted February 25, 2013

New Orleans SEO company Webtyde Digital Marketing announces the launch of its specially tailored Local SEO packages, helping small businesses increase their online visibility.

New Orleans-based SEO and Internet marketing services company Webtyde Digital Marketing announced this week that it had rolled out new Local SEO plans geared toward increasing the overall online presence of businesses of every type and size—especially small businesses.

Webtyde Digital Marketing offers two primary small business Local SEO packages, “Local SEO Business Listings” and “Local SEO Business Listings + Social Media Optimization.” Though Webtyde works with companies large and small, it places a particular focus on helping small businesses—even those without a website—increase their visibility and establish their brand online.

“One of the biggest myths out there is that only big businesses can afford to be number one in the online search rankings in their area,” said Allyson Seitzler, Webtyde’s CEO. “It’s simply not true. There’s a lot we can do to get small businesses online and in front of potential customers at a minimal cost. For the amount you would spend on one week of print advertisement in a local paper, Webtyde can position your small business to get great local rankings on even the biggest search engines.”

Local SEO services drive search engine traffic to a business’s website, helping to generate more qualified leads and, ultimately, increase overall revenue. Webtyde improves the online presence of the businesses it works with by creating and optimizing their Local SEO business listings with Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yelp, and Yellow Pages, and by providing them with coordinated, keyword-focused social media campaigns.

The online campaigns Webtyde specializes in enables businesses to stand out among their local competitors—bringing their business front and center when someone in their area searches for the goods or services their company offers—and to be more specific about who their target audience is, ensuring that the majority of traffic driven their way is comprised of customers who are ready to buy. Even sole proprietors can get ranked for local results and increase their sales with Webtyde’s basic website and Local SEO packages.

“We’re based in New Orleans, so we know the market here better than anyone else does—but we offer affordable and effective search engine optimization for every city in the world,” said Seitzler. “No matter where you live, if you have a business, Webtyde can get you listed and noticed online.”

About Webtyde Digital Marketing

Webtyde Digital Marketing is an award-winning New Orleans-based online marketing company whose purpose is to provide its clients with ethical, knowledgeable, and experienced SEO and Internet marketing services. Led by owner and CEO Allyson Seitzler, an expert in her field with over 12 years of experience in internet marketing, SEO, and website development, Webtyde’s team members and trusted partner companies work hard to increase the online brand visibility of the businesses it works with and to staying on the leading edge of SEO and Internet marketing industry news.