Webtyde built Boh Bros Construction Company a new website

We are so excited to announce the completion of one of our favorite projects yet! This month, the new Boh Bros. website went live after several months of hard work and refinement and we couldn’t be happier with the final results. Boh Bros. Construction is one of the oldest companies in New Orleans, having been in business for 112 years. They are a major player in the infrastructure of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region. Some of their more recent work includes construction of safety bays/shoulders on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, and airfield paving and utility installation for the new North Terminal of the Louis Armstrong International Airport.  But just like city infrastructure, websites need to be updated and upgraded. We recommend our clients replace their websites entirely every 5-7 years and update the appearance every few years.

We built Boh Bros. an entirely new website from the ground up. We kept the structure and branding fairly close to the original, while modernizing and streamlining the design. This has been one of Webtyde’s most time intensive projects, starting in late February and putting on the finishing touches in May. In additional to designing the appearance for the new website, we also set-up the backend to make it faster and more SEO friendly.

The Process

After the website content was gathered and sent over to us, we could begin the design process. We decided to switch their theme to the Divi theme because of its refined appearance and advanced functionality. We reviewed some Divi pre-made layouts with Boh’s team to get a sense of the aesthetic direction they wanted to take the site. We chose fonts and developed the color palette to use as we worked. Once everyone was on the same page about the look we were aiming for, we created a homepage mockup for them to review. Once we got their initial feedback, we were ready to create the interior pages and continue to refine the homepage.

Boh Bros. is very meticulous and the website content they sent us was no different. All copy and images were provided in a beautifully organized folder, which allowed us to put the website together quickly and efficiently. Even with that carefull preparation, there was still a large number of pages so it took webtyde’s team almost three weeks to build the first draft of the new Boh Bros website.

In the first round of the revisions process we encountered some unique challenges. Boh wanted to have some unique icons for their home page navigation, such as a barge with a crane on it and a pile driving rig. We generally use stock icons on websites for the sake of time but, in order for us to give Boh exactly what they wanted, we decided to have our in-house graphic designer custom draw the icons for the home page. In total, we did about six rounds of revisions, covering everything from tweaking picture placements to major changes like adding a whole new page.


Boh Picture Page

The Boh Picture page presented some challenges in the building process, but turned out beautifully. The Boh Picture is a semi-annual magazine that Boh Bros releases and they wanted to add an archive of all the issues from the past decade. Our team wanted to present the archive in an organized and visually interesting fashion. After some trial and error, we ended up settling on the “Call To Action” module to display the magazine PDFs. This module allowed us to link the PDF files, and we were able to display the covers of each of the magazine issues.

Once our team and Boh’s team were both pleased with the appearance of the website, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work with the SEO set-up. In addition to the typical metadescriptions, title tags, and alt attributes, we built an extensive internal linking structure, making the website easy to navigate and easy for spiders to crawl, and we were also able to include some strong outbound links to companies that Boh Bros. has worked with in the past.

This was such a fun and challenging project, and we’re so grateful to Boh Bros. for bringing us on board. If you’re interested in discussing a new website, want some help with graphic design, or you want to improve your website’s SEO, contact us today.