Webtyde Internet Marketing’s local SEO services optimize your business’s website and social media presence for your local geographic market.  Not only does this aim to get your website visibility for phrases searched in your local geographic market in Google search, but these services also target visibility placement in Google Maps, Facebook, and local business directories.

Local SEO and Google Search Results

In most local cities, including New Orleans, SEO is a vital part of your marketing plan.  Local SEO is a specialized field for businesses that target local geographic markets.  There is no need to waste resources targeting the entire United States, when it’s only the greater New Orleans region you serve  With local SEO services, you utilize your marketing budget as effectively as possible.

When locally optimized, a business can come up in many search results including Google web search and maps.  Google Maps visibility is very important to target since the results are utilized by many Android phones and smart phone applications.   Here is an example of a maps listing mixed into a Google web search results page:

Google Local SEO New Orleans Search Results Example


Here is an example of a Google Maps (only) results page:

Google Local SEO New Orleans Maps Search Results Example




Local SEO is one of your most important investment you will make for your business.