Many of you already know how important it is to have your Google My Business listing optimized for your targeted keyword phrases. For local businesses who have websites, you should be very happy if you’ve optimized them for local results because Google is now showing you in the organic rankings as well.

woman looking up local businesses on laptopThe listings shown by Google Maps are considered Google My Business (GMB) results. Many search terms don’t end up showing a map, they just show the organic results. If you don’t have a website and you just have a GMB listing, then you’ll be missing out.

Google knows what city you are in when you perform a search on a computer. If I’m in New Orleans and I search the phrase “coffee shop”, Google will return results for coffee shops in New Orleans. Not only does this show organic results, it also shows the Google My Business results with the map. If you search for “coffee gifts” which is a more vague term, it will not show the local map, but it will show results related to New Orleans coffee gifts in both the sponsored results and the organic results. This is why it is important to have a website when you are a local business. You attract more visitors because your website has more content than just a Google My Business page.

Be sure to update your GMB page regularly. Google sees an active, engaged business owner as a positive and can rank your business accordingly. This can also strengthen customer relations by providing them with the most recent, accurate information possible. Holiday hours are a great example of this. No customer want to drive out to you business only to find you closed!

Our Local SEO  services are great places to begin your Web presence locally if you do not have a website, but with so much of the world online, it’s vital to have as much information about your company online as possible. Contact us for a free consultation.