Many people today were born into the computer generation without ever knowing what life was like before computers, video games, mobile phones, TVs everywhere, and being able to search for information immediately.  The time has come once again for a social, technological, and search change as big as the first personal computers, iPads, and smart phones.  Google Glasses will change how people search for information, as well as products and services offered by businesses.  Many SEO companies are still trying to catch up with mobile smart phone marketing, but we are readying our company for the next wave of change as the challenges and benefits of the Google Glasses “wearable computing” era is now on the horizon.

Google X Lab, the think tank also inventing driverless cars at Google, has developed wearable computing glasses.  The functionality of the OS is similar to smart phones and uses voice commands so it’s hands-free.  The Explorer Edition, which is the first version available to developers like us, will cost roughly $1,500 a pair and are limited to 8,000 releases.  These should be available within the coming months.  The public version, which should cost significantly less is expected to be available to the general public in late 2013.

One of our own team members at Webtyde Internet Marketing has been chosen as an Explorer for Google Glasses to test them for Google (not a joke #April1).  We will keep you as informed as possible as we perform in-depth research once businesses are authorized to do so.  We will develop our new Google Glass SEO department dedicated to search in this new era as soon as all research is complete.  Feel free to contact our founder, Allyson Seitzler, for current information on how you can ready your corporation for Google Glasses.