Custora Pulse reported some of the first data from Cyber Monday’s ecommerce activity across the United States.  They are reporting that overall online sales rose 18 percent over last year’s Cyber Monday in 2012. As reported from Ginny Marvin, phones and tablets have increased their presence over their more traditional laptop/desktops this year.  One in three purchases on Monday were completed on mobile devices.  Smart phones were up 5 percent to 18 percent this year, and tablets were up 3 percent to 11 percent for 2013. Personally, I thought mobile devices would take more share from desktop this Cyber Monday, but I have a feeling when the entire holiday shopping season is over, we will see a higher overall increase in mobile purchasing.  I have a feeling consumers are waiting a little longer for better sales this year closer to Christmas.  At least, that’s what I’m doing. For more on the specifics of Ginny’s report, see her article.