Does a Marketing Firm have to be in my city to be a good fit for my business? Absolutely not. Keep reading for answers to common questions we recieve about working with out-of-town digital marketing agencies. 



Does the digital marketing firm I hire need to be near me?


Short answer? No. We work with clients all over the country (and sometimes the world) with the same success as the clients we work with in our home cities of New Orleans and San Diego. Digital marketing strategies don’t change much in different geographic markets and what changes to occur are easily understood and adapted for by an experienced marketing team. Sometimes, hiring outside of your city can be beneficial because it allows you to utilize talent and skills than you have access to locally. We understand and support the desire to hire local whenever possible, but sometimes you have to go farther afield to find the agency that is the best fit for your company.


man using laptop to video chat for a marketing meetingBut don’t I need to meet with my marketing team in-person?

Not at all. One of things we all learned in 2020 is that meeting in person is far less necessary than one might think. It can certainly be nice to meet with people in person but we are easily able to market any company without visiting them in person. We get to know you and your company through phone calls, online meetings, and your existing online presence. In some ways, not meeting in person allows us to focus on improving your brands online presence without getting lost in company culture.


But if I can’t meet this marketing team, how do I know they’re legit?


Great question! It’s the same as hiring any professional; you just have to do your homework. Read their Google and Facebook reviews, ask if they have any references they can provide, and check their status with the Better Business Bureau. Any reputable marketing firm is going to have an extensive list of businesses they have worked with in the past and testimonials on their website. Vetting them should be a simple matter of making their website and reviews align, and that both those things align with what they’re telling you. I know fake reviews are rampant so pay special attention to any negative reviews you can find. If something seems shady, it probably is, and if they’re offering you prices that sound too good to be true, they probably are. Webtyde has been in business for 20 years, have a ton of reviews, and provide references on every proposal. We’re also accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ rating.


But how could they understand marketing in [insert name of city here] if they don’t live here?


Easy! For every client we work with, we create a Competitor Analysis Report that outlines who your main competition is, how much organic and paid web traffic they receive per month, how much they spend on paid advertising, where they advertise, how they advertise, and what exact organic and paid keywords they’re targeting, and how much those paid keywords are costing them. We have access to this information no matter where in the world you live or do business. Even if we’ve never worked in your city, we quickly come to be experts on your industry and your brand’s placement within your market so we can create your custom marketing campaign. Read more about competitor analysis in our recent blog posts here.


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