The vampires and ghosts have all made their trick or treat rounds last week, and we are now seeing the Christmas and Hanukkah holiday decorations lining the isles of our local stores.  It’s that time of the year again that all you ecommerce merchants have been preparing for the whole year.

Cyber Monday 2013 is on December 2nd.  That is less than four weeks and 16 business day away.  Beyond the basics of having your business ready, we recommend you make your final push for search engine marketing by making sure you partake in the following:

Website Updates

Confirm that you have added all your new products, updated any photos that need refreshing, review shipping methods, and review your handling proceedures with your staff to make sure all steps are accounted for.

Social Media Push

I know you have been active all year with your social media, but if you may have given it less attention than recommended, you should use this time to be active and social online.  The idea is to get people to comment, like, and post to your social media properties.  We have our clients use paid advertising, creating fun and engaging content worthy of interactivity from viewers, and good ol’ contests to reward the lucky few for taking part.  Your junior workers or interns are great people to have help you with your updates.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns are some of the most important ways to communicate to your existing or previous customers.  They have shopped at your store and already enjoyed your products, so why not give them a special holiday “thank you” coupon to return again.  You can offer 10% off during the holidays for return customers, 20% off before Cyber Monday, or even a “free gift with purchase”.

PPC Setup

PPC sometimes gives you that extra help you need with struggling keyword phrases.  If you are planning on running a paid holiday advertising campaign, make sure it is setup the week before at the latest.  All our holiday PPC campaigns are already running or are set to run shortly.

These are just a few of the last minute things to think about before the big shopping day approaches.

We wish you all the success this year and hope you contact us in 2014 for your SEO, search engine marketing, and Internet marketing campaign needs.