The time has come: we are now that much closer to becoming Knight Rider, and K.I.T. is going to be doing our searches online for us while we drive.

For instance, Ford SYNC is an “in-car connectivity system that allows you to make hands-free calls and control your music and other functions with simple voice commands”.  Next thing you know, car manufacturers will be installing cellular antennas, like those on our smart phones and mobile broadband-enabled computers, and they will have data connections built-in.  With a built-in data connection and voice recognition software, automotive computers will then be able to surf the Web while you drive.

This is just another reason to get your local business website and map listings optimized for search engines.  People are now searching for your business on their laptops, their smart phones, and soon, their cars.

First generation automotive GPS systems, like Garmin and Tom Tom, offered business suggestions based off your physical location and type of product or service for which you were searching.  Soon, the new search results will be pulled from Google and Yahoo/Bing and include your business reviews, your ranking in search engines, heck…even what’s on your menu can be reviewed online.

Before it was okay just to get a Local SEO Maps listing and it would be a bonus to optimize your website.  Now, you really need to have an optimized website along with your Local SEO Map listings because of the need to get your information out there.  Information is the key to ranking because you are giving search engines AND your customers  every bit of relevant information you can in order for people to find you.