An optimized website redesign can be either difficult or smooth. A recent optimization project consisted of a full redesign: an optimized website, optimized shopping cart, and adding a Blog. If a project is organized, your chances of a mostly smooth project are much higher. I’ve been a project manager for many years prior to running Webtyde Internet Marketing and I’ve learned that planning and organization are everything when creating something impressive. We pride ourselves with creating realistic schedules, deliverable timelines, and milestones with approvals.

We had the luxury of working with a very engaged client recently who had a strong passion to create a beautiful, informative, and wonderfully optimized shopping cart and website. We just completed the redesign and launch last week. I’m happy to say that she has seen all major search engines not only pick up the new pages, but rank them as well!

We are beginning the next phase of her aggressive SEO campaign and I’m very optimistic she will rank very high for her targeted keyword phrases. I’m looking forward to sharing her results with everyone within the next six months. It’s a great example of how our affordable search engine optimization and Internet marketing campaigns can really make a difference in your website traffic and, ultimately, your sales.

-Allyson M. Seitzler, Principal
Webtyde Internet Marketing, LLC