I recently came upon an article from Google that details how devices are now being used by people.  This is of great value to mobile SEO and SEM campaigns all over the United States.  From our digital marketing and SEO headquarters in New Orleans, we constantly evolve our best practices for all our clients based on the most recent data from industry trends and statistics.

Mobile Usage

Many devices are still used throughout any given day, but mobile has now become the dominant device for people on-the-go.  Here is a full report from Google on mobile device usage.

young people using smart phone technology 

It is very obvious at this point that all the work we have put in to steer SEO and SEM campaigns to a more mobile focus has paid off for all of Webtyde’s clients.  We are looking beyond 2017 to the next big change with SmartHomes and SmartCars, so contact us today to become more visible and stand out ahead of your competition.

Mobile SEO is vital in 2017

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you are no longer visible in mobile results, unless you are paying out the ears for paid clicks.  The day is finally here when Google has announced that mobile is their primary focus.  Webtyde Internet Marketing has been preparing our clients for years now for this day and they are all doing very well.  How is your SEM and digital marketing campaigns doing?

Mobile advertising penalty

Google announced in early 2017 they will penalize websites with pop-up advertisements on their mobile website.  This is not only and important reinforcement for organic SEO, especially in mobile, but on all platforms.

Mobile ad blocking software

Have you been playing a free game and been forced to accidentally click on ads?  Not only is this a version of click fraud for the advertisers, but it has spawned ad blocking software all over the world.  It is already very popular in Europe on mobile phones, but the popularity is growing at an exponential rate now in the US.  You will no longer be able to accurately or rely on many forms of paid digital advertising as you did in 2014-2016.  Mobile SEO is a very important factor to have ready in 2017.

Mobile SEO and SEM campaigns

Mobile SEO is part of our larger digital marketing SEM campaign efforts.  Your digital marketing and SEM campaign efforts depend on the digital marketing mix that works for your budget, target market, and measured results.  Webtyde Internet Marketing campaigns are managed with an act and measure system on a monthly basis.  With mobile being so prevalent now, mobile SEO is a vital part of the overall digital marketing mix of all our digital marketing and SEM campaigns.