Updated March 18, 2021


Inconsistent information can cause local SEO ranking issues because Google sees inconsistency as a large reason to not trust a website and brand. We have seen almost overnight results with some of our clients who used our PowerListing Management services. This service, and others out there that do similar, helps eliminate the lack of trust Google places on your business by creating consistent listing across 50+ citation web properties.

Myles Anderson wrote a great blog listing results from his survey of local SEO practitioners and business owners. His finding is this:

Spring Clean your E-commerce SEO

“Citation inconsistency is the number one issue affecting local rankings.” 

Consistent Listings

Go to as many directory, review, or mention of your business website as possible and making sure the NAP (Name, Address, Phone) among other data is consistent with your website. Modern local SEO relies greatly on this for incoming links, directory listings, review references, and overall increased exposure. This isn’t just helpful to your Google rankings, its helpful to your entire digital marketing campaign.


Google Maps Listings/Business Pages

If you see multiple listings of your business when you search in any one Google property, this is bad. You want to make sure to let Google know about your business in a clear and concise way so they can deliver these clean results to their customers who are searching to find services. Find your duplicate listings and unwind that tangled mess. I’m not going to lie, this isn’t an easy task whatsoever.


Local SEO For Your Website

It isn’t enough these days just to have a pretty Google listing. You need to make sure your website is the ultimate landing place for your customers. This doesn’t mean that we don’t want them to call you if they see you on Facebook, but it’s important to have an official central “home” on the Web. Make sure to optimize your website for your local target market and follow Google’s best practices.  Remember, they just want to give their search customers clear and helpful results, so you need to help Google do that by making it very clear to them what your website is about.


Quality Incoming Links

Many years ago it was very common for people to solicit reciprocal links or buy links from companies claiming to get quality links to your website. Google of course caught on to this and no longer allows it.  What do you do if there are hundreds of links pointing to your website that you do not approve of?  You have to utilize the “disavow” service in Google to let them know you don’t approve of these low quality inbound links to your website.


Google Places Guideline ViolationsMake sure your on-page e-commerce SEO is on point

I know you all want to put all the information into your listing as possible so you can get ahead of your competition. By doing this, some people unknowingly violate Google Places Guidelines which causes penalties. It’s hard to figure out if this has happened sometimes because they just don’t tell you.


Webtyde Digital Marketing specializes in local SEO and online visibility. We have a variety of services that fit many budgets. We want to help you gain the visibility your company needs to help grow and serve your local market. If you need help with your local SEO ranking issues, call us today for a free consultation.