The following information will help you improve SEO in your content writing and improve understanding and readability of your text.

Improving your SEO copy writing

The following are important areas to focus on if you want to improve the structure of your SEO copy writing: first paragraph of your text, all headings,  and the first sentences of every new paragraph.

First paragraph

The first paragraph is important for you to clearly formulate your post. You only have a few seconds to draw attention of your audience. The first paragraph should tell the primary message of your post. This allows you to make it easy for your reader to understand what your post is about and you let Google know what your post is about. Make sure to include your primary keyword/focus keywords in your first paragraph.


Headings should clearly state the subject of the paragraph below it. These headings allow your readers to quickly scan through your text and to decide whether or not, or which parts, they would like to read your page and/or blog content. I would advise you to put a header above every long paragraph.

First sentences

Make sure the first sentence of a paragraph is the most emphasized of that paragraph. People tend to read the first sentence of every new paragraph as they scan through your content. Other sentences in a paragraph will then build upon that first sentence. Chances are Google will pay extra attention to these sentences, in order to determine the topic of that paragraph and your copy writing. First sentences are great places to use your targeted keyword phrases, if possible and appropriate. A well-structured article that stays on topic will likely have keywords naturally come up in your first sentences. 


Copy writing structure is important to attract visitors to your pages and blogs, as well as for many other SEO reasons. SEO copy writing is the most important aspect of your content marketing.  Contact us today for questions and help with your website SEO writing.