2018 has amazing potential to be one of the best years on record for your business. With quick-changing technology comes new opportunities to attract new customers to your business.

We at Webtyde Internet Marketing have been busy putting together new services to meet your needs for continued business expansion and getting increased visibility in front of your target markets.

As usual, there are many changes in 2018 that will have considerable effects on your online visibility. We are offering new services to jump on these opportunities and keep your company ahead of the competition.

More advanced search engine marketing packages will be offered to utilize the changing marketing needs of your product or service-based business. We are seeing the rise of voice search, video ads, mobile (of course), expanded content marketing, and paid integration for SEO campaigns. Each one of your industries are completely unique, so I will be working with each of you individually to offer the best solution in 2018 for your Internet and digital marketing needs.

New In 2018


PPC: AdWords Management Expansion

We are expanding our Google AdWords Certified Partner AdWords Management services. Stop wasting your click spend by having high bounce rates! Have our professionals manage your AdWords campaign for you and get those customers to stick around and convert to leads.

WordPress: Website Services

We offer WordPress website design, development, redesign, and management services for clients. Our developers are speeding up websites daily as new plugins are offered and new configurations are possible. You need a fast and secure website to rank in 2018.

SEO: Voice Search, Mobile and Video

It has never been more important to have thorough, targeted SEO services. With voice search gaining momentum on home and automobile devices, your business needs to have a clear and concise online presence for whatever the future brings.


FREE 2018 Digital Marketing Calendar

Webtyde Internet Marketing is continuing efforts to streamline your Internet and digital marketing campaigns. This calendar helps your team schedule important company marketing campaigns that translate to coordinated marketing pushes across all your digital and Internet marketing channels.

Quarterly SEM Meetings

You can schedule your quarterly SEM meeting to go over your Quarterly Technical Review results, address your changing business needs, update campaigns, and review existing services. Contact us today to schedule them.

Lock-In Rates and Contract Discounts

Existing clients will be offered yearly contracts that will allot a specific number of hours for work on your SEM campaign. These hours include WordPress Management, SEO, AdWords Management, and/or Email Marketing services as needed for your business. Prices for your existing services will be locked in for the following year.

Thank you for your business. We enjoy working with you and helping your business grow.

Best Wishes in 2018,


Allyson Seitzler

Founder and President