We are celebrating 18 years of business here at Webtyde this year.  It has been such a wonderful experience meeting new clients, getting to know them, and having some end up like family members.  Without our clients, Webtyde wouldn’t be.

Webtyde was born in early 2000 in Santa Cruz, California.  My brother and I were thinking of names for my website development and tech company that offered solutions to multiple needs in the community.  Something simple, yet strong.  Santa Cruz is an ocean side community, so of course I thought of ocean-related business names.  I wanted to convey how I could help bring business to light with more online exposure via a website.  One morning while walking my dog at Lighthouse Field, I notice the tide ebbing with the morning low tide that uncovered all these beautiful sea shells.  Webtyde was born on an ebb tide.

Since the beginning, back in 2000, Webtyde has evolved from a website development shop to an Internet marketing company.  I took Webtyde full time in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2010.  As time moved on, we opened up an office in San Diego and keep New Orleans as our head quarters.  We’ve helped so many amazing companies shine bright and become visible online.  I was born to run a business and I live to help my clients succeed.

Many thanks to my family, friends, client family, and vendors who have helped us succeed and evolve for so many year.  Here’s to many more!

~Allyson Seitzler
Webtyde Internet Marketing