After Google acquired thermostat maker, Nest, in 2014, we could see Google was serious about entering the “connected home” hands-free search market.  Nest brought the hardware aspect to fruition with Smart system functionality.

On October 4, 2016, Google announced its new product, Google Home.  Google Assistant is the brainpower for Google Home that will help communicate with you via hands-free voice search and results, complete with all the machine learning and artificial intelligence Google can cram into it.  Newly announced Google Home is one of the new devices / platforms where Google Assistant will live.

The Battle for Hands-Free Search

Google Home will take on Amazon Echo head-on.  Microsoft’s Bing is the search engine behind the Amazon Echo, which was available as of June 2015 as one of the first IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart Home hands-free search devices available to consumers.  If Echo becomes the status quo for hands-free search, it will create a major market vulnerability for Google’s search domination.

Hands-free search will be a dominate search avenue soon.  Android Auto is now available in nearly half of all major automotive makers new cars.  Search is voice controlled on those devices as well.  Many states are making cell phone / Smart phone use by hands illegal in many states, so voice search and commands are anticipated to be the norm.  Apple has been training people to use virtual assistants via voice for five years now with Siri.  Siri currently uses the Safari browser which defaults to Google, but that can be changed in settings and the default can change at any time Apple wants a more lucrative deal with either Google or Bing, or even start their own search engine.

The IoT, including Smart Home, industry is anticipated to be a $1 trillion industry by 2020.  IoT and Smart Home connected devices will be the backbone of the next wave of technology to change our worlds like computers and Smart phones did.

Google Assistant IS Artificial Intelligence


We have become very familiar with Google’s custom results based of your individual search and usage history, but now we will see much more AI (artificial intelligence) with more natural and intuitive intelligent search results. Google Assistant is the new search platform on which all digital marketing and SEO will have to include in the marketing mix in 2017.  Allyson Seitzler of Webtyde Internet Marketing is following the IoT industry evolution closely, and hands-free search and Smart Home integration even closer.