I’m sure some of you have seen the crazy-looking Google Street View cars with their cameras mounted on top.  I ran into one last December right before the Holidays.  Me and my dog were out for our morning walk down Magazine Street near Ninth in the Garden District of New Orleans where we found one.

With my lightning fast reflexes, I whipped out my smart phone and grabbed a shot of this interesting apparatus.  Here is my photo:

New Orleans Google Maps Car Sighting


After several months had gone by, it dawned on me that maybe it was working and snapped a picture of me to be immortalized in Google Street View.  It turns out it was working and you can see me taking a picture of them!

Here is what Google has:

Caught on Google Street View Taking Picture of Google Car

Google blurred out my face, as they do all people for privacy reasons. Here are some other shots caught by Google Street View car:

Burning House Caught on Google Street View

Drunk Passed Out Guy Caught on Google Street View