Google has been very busy over the last week launching and updating a new algorithm change.  The Pigeon algorithm update (as named by Search Engine Land) was confirmed on July 24th by Google.  This update is focused on serving up more appropriate local search results.  Yelp and local directory listings, similar to Webtyde’s local SEO PowerListing Management service, are directly affected in a positive way.  This means if you have your local online presence optimized, you should see more visibility after this change.


How Pigeon May Affect Rankings:

Google Pigeon Algorithm Change

  • Mostly affects local search results
  • Less duplicate search results
  • Decrease in radius of local search based on Searcher’s current physical location
  • Applies to US searches only (for now)
  • Local listings, especially Yelp, are more visible
  • Affected the real estate agency market considerably
  • SEO companies (like Webtyde Internet Marketing) added back to local results