A core algorithm update makes significant changes to Google’s algorithms and systems, making sure that they provide the most relevant search results. The latest update prevents the same domain from appearing at the top of the results over and over and ensures that the most pertinent content makes it to the top of the results.


On May 4th, Google started implementing its latest Core Update. This was a very drastic update, so you may have seen significant changes to your site traffic in the weeks after May 4th. It has been implemented in stages and was finished on May 18th. You can check your analytics now to see if your traffic has been negatively impacted.


Google doesn’t release the specifics of what exact changes have been made in the update, but it is important to continue to make sure that you have the best content possible so that you can keep moving towards the top of the search results.


If your rankings were negatively affected by this Core Update, here are questions directly from Google to make sure that your site is in alignment with the latest update:

  1. Is my content original and substantial?
  2. Does my content provide insightful analysis beyond the expected?
  3. Would my content be referenced by authoritative websites?
  4. Is my content well-researched and trustworthy?
  5. Is my content clear, well-produced, and free of errors?
  6. Does my content provide value and is it for the genuine interest of my readers?


If your rankings have changed since this update, contact us here at Webtyde and we can help you optimize your site to get your traffic back up.