The latest buzz in social media is Google Buzz. Google Buzz is the answer to Twitter’s instant status updates and Facebook’s social networking.

Yesterday, Google announced it launched Google Buzz on it’s official blog. With the competition being so tight right now between Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter to capture and keep the attention of the social media masses, Google is targeting Twitter and Facebook directly. I gave it a spin today and set up Webtyde Internet Marketing’s official account.

So far I feel it’s much more like Twitter than Facebook. Most likely because I haven’t set up the other media which is pulled from Picasa, Flickr, or Google Reader. Buzz updates your status feed instantly like Twitter, let’s others follow your updates, let’s you follow others status updates, and even has it’s own mobile software portals already. At this point, I’m not sure I need another instant way to update my status, but rather another me to update it for me.

A nice feature in Google Buzz is that it does integrate Twitter into your feeds so at least your followers can follow you in one place rather than two. I imagine Google Buzz integration/compatibility will be next on Twitter’s agenda.

I feel like the way they have Buzz set up will probably give it a legitimate chance to compete with Facebook. With Picasa, Flickr, Google Reader, and Twitter integrated as options to share media and the *prettier* image viewer (which looks rather nice), it should give Facebook a run for their money.

What this means for rankings: Not entirely sure yet. Definitely more exposure and inbound links. It’s up in the air how people will take to it and if it will stick.

I’ll be looking forward to where the new feed URLs will land in the rankings once Google gets to indexing and ranking them all. As always, I recommend creating an account if you have the time because, well, it’s Google.