Updated March 18, 2021


social media icons on smartphone screenFacebook is no longer showing results in their search from Bing. This news was confirmed today by a company spokesperson as Facebook introduced a new tool that allows users to quickly search past comments and other information posted by their friends. This is another step Facebook is taking to move into utilizing its own infrastructure and popularity as more than just a social network. Facebook has been working on a search engine for years, which is no surprise, but this is the first real step we are seeing that it is heading towards or has implemented its own search engine.

The 1.35 billion-user social network has primarily used its search for helping user connect. For the last several years, Microsoft’s Bing has been the search engine of choice for Facebook web results. CEO Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t been shy about discussing his interest in search, but has been clear about communicating he will not launch the service until he feels it will be a strong search engine. This is wise since they will be competing and potentially stealing market share from Google. Last July he said there were over 1 billion search queries every day on Facebook. Not too bad at all.


SEO and Internet Marketing Effects


This by no means insinuates Facebook will be neck-and-neck with Google anytime soon. As always, we never discount Bing, Yahoo, or Facebook when we optimize for organic SEO. We continue to recommend and implement best practices for all of the top search engines by being as transparent as possible, creating strong and authoritative content that will help viewers, and urge customers to be diligent in the social media, inbound linking, and review requests.


At the turn of the century, no one ever thought Yahoo could fall to a tiny search engine called Google.