Spectral City Tours has long been a staple of the New Orleans tour scene providing engaging, entertaining, and informative tours of the French Quarter and Garden District. Their current lineup of tours is French Quarter Hauntings and History, Cemetery & Garden District, French Quarter: Drunk & Haunted, and the sweet French Quarter Dessert Tour. My favorite thing about their tours is the small group size; every tour has a maximum of 15 people so you aren’t smushed into a giant group constantly fighting to see and hear your (fully costumed) host. The small group sizes and their masterful story telling provides tour-goers with an excellent experience.

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a preview for Spectral City Tours’ new Surreal History Party, New Orleans Immortal, and I think they’ve created something very special. It’s a delectable combination of New Orleans storytelling, Murder Mystery, Interactive Art Installations, and an Escape Room. They brought all the magic from their tours and combined it with imaginative, fresh ideas that they’re passionate about sharing with their guests.

Pirate ship interactive exhibit

It would be difficult to choose a favorite part of the evening; Pandora and Lynx are gifted actors and storytellers and the entire experience is framed by the fun vampire-pirate narrative they weave to connect the different portions of the party. I also enjoyed the inherently collaborative nature of the puzzle solving. It was fun to be forced out of my comfort zone by having to work with a group of strangers. We certainly weren’t strangers by the end of the night.

The atmosphere was casual and relaxed. There were party-goers on dates and with friends. Come with an open mind and smile you will be rewarded with a highly enjoyable evening filled with riveting tales of New Orleans history, bawdy jokes, and new friends. Book your spot in an upcoming party and you won’t be disappointed.