After several recently failed attempts at obtaining a strong, qualified leader to steer the struggling company, Yahoo has finally hired a new CEO and she is from Google.

Marissa Mayer was part of Google from their beginning.  Mayer is 37 years old and was Google’s 20th employee.  She lead many efforts for Google’s local products and services.

Previous Yahoo CEOs include Carol Bartz, Scott Thompson, and interim CEO, Ross Levinsohn.  After Yahoo has spent many years and gone through several CEOs trying to revive this once great search company.  The company who once pioneered the search industry at the beginning of the Internet and has struggled since losing a significant market share to Google, sees Mayer as a fresh new breath for the struggling company with hopes of inspiring change and innovation to bring Yahoo back to the top of its game.

Announcement were made public via twitter via CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin and was shared via a pair of tweets yesterday:


BREAKING- Sorkin: Yahoo names Marissa Mayer President & CEO of Yahoo; Mayer started talking to $YHOO in June about role, starts tomorrow. — CNBC (@CNBC) July 16, 2012

(More) BREAKING- Sorkin: After being named Yahoo Pres. & CEO Marissa Mayer, a 13-yr Google employee, expected to resign from Google today. — CNBC (@CNBC) July 16, 2012

How do you think this will change the current position of Yahoo?  What direction do you think Mayer will take the company?  Do you think she is qualified?