Allyson Seitzler of Webtyde Internet Marketing has become a member of the AMA in New Orleans, the American Marketing Association.  The AMA is a trade organization for traditional and digital marketing professionals across the world.  From graphic design to Google AdWords, the AMA keeps its members current on the latest developments, news, and best practices in the field of Marketing.

Traditional and Digital Marketing in New Orleans and Beyond

“With traditional and digital marketing in New Orleans and beyond, both being important elements of your company’s marketing mix, it is very important to keep current on all forms of media to bring our clients well-informed recommendations for their unique market” says Allyson Seitzler of Webtyde Internet Marketing.  Allyson Seitzler has a B.S. in Marketing and has been developing websites for over 15 years with Webtyde Internet Marketing.

In 2017, Webtyde will be offering a more comprehensive set of services that include more traditional media aspects with our partner company.  “Even though digital media marketing still gets the highest ROI, it may not be the most effective for your market segment. We want to have a well-rounded approach in the coming years to comprehensive marketing.”