Local SEO landing pages are great opportunities to convey you information and increase you online visibility in organic search engine results. Webtyde Internet Marketing has worked with many clients to help improve their local SEO and increase their online visibility in organic search engine results.  From New Orleans to Europe, we have helped companies localize content and focus specific landing pages to particular markets by using local SEO best practices. We have helped international companies focus on specific cities in specific countries, nationwide companies trying to assert their influence in local markets, and our smaller local clients that want to increase their visibility against their national counterparts.  Any of these situations require a clearly defined targeted geographic area.  The best local SEO tactic is to deliver the message as clearly as possible by creating optimized local landing pages.

Landing Page Content Focus

A local SEO landing page helps clarify and highlight pertinent information you are presenting your potential customers and search engines in a specific geographic market.  Defining important information like what geographic area you are targeting, what services or products you offer, allowing access to contact information, hours of operation, descriptive page headers and sub headers, and making sure all information is accurate and consistent throughout the Internet for all references to this page’s URL allows for clearly defined information sharing.  Google loves clarity and consistency throughout the Internet when it comes to your company’s message.

Landing Page Code and Performance

As with any properly optimized page, you should first begin with an organize SEM campaign with targeted keywords for your specific areas.  Once these are defined based on your profit centers, you can build your local SEO pages with your specific target audience in mind.

Local SEO Landing Pages Should Contain:

  • Basic SEO best practices for on-page coding
  • Advanced <head> meta tags for communicating to Google, social media, and others (IE: twitter and og)
  • Implement local business Schema.org coding
  • Optimize code for super fast downloading
    • optimize images
    • utilize server cache
    • optimize file downloads, content, and priorities

Build Page URL Reputation

With any page URL on your website, it will need to gain a positive reputation in Google.  This is done mostly by inbound linking (along with the overall reputation of your site).  An example is to create local social media accounts for your local business.  This shows your customers and Google this is part of a larger brand, but still it’s own individual entity at this location.  Optimized local directory links, local write-ups in your city’s online publications, references from local non-profits are all excellent ways to build and maintain your individual page’s local SEO and reputation for increased exposure and visibility in organic rankings. Contact us today for more details about the services we offer to help increase your company’s online visibility in organic rankings.   Local SEO Landing Page