Voice Search Laugh Fix

For all you Amazon Echo users who recently had Alexa’s voice search suddenly start laughing at you, feel insecure no longer.  Amazon has sent a software update to fix this laughing bug in the latest Echo software update version.

Around March 7th, users of Amazon.com’s Alexa voice-based digital assistant and voice search device started hearing strange laughing noises at random through the Echo speakers.  As super creepy as this is at face value, fortunately the machines aren’t taking over and mocking you.  It was reported that the laughter occurred unprompted due to a software programming malfunction where the voice search assistant would mistakenly hear “Alexa, laugh” which it then did.  The most recent software update has reportedly fixed this.

The laughing request phrase has now been changed to, “Alexa, can you laugh?”.  The assistant’s response to the prompt has changed from an unrequested, potentially menacing laugh to an answer of “Sure, I can laugh”, and laughter following.  It now seems Echo users can relax knowing their machines aren’t taking over just yet.

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