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Local SEO is the practice of optimizing all online references to your business so they are consistent, enticing, and visible in your city.  Webtyde Internet Marketing offers local SEO and Internet marketing services, with or without a website, in most cities search engines serve around the world.


Local SEO and Internet Marketing Services

Have you ever wondered how businesses get their listings to appear on search engine maps when certain keywords are typed in? Do you want your business to be listed when someone looks for your products or services? Our Local SEO services increase your overall online presence, which drives more organic search engine traffic to your business. Webtyde Internet Marketing offers two primary small business Local SEO services that create and expand your online visibility without a website.  Once you realize the return on your initial investment, we offer growth services that expand to website creation and optimization so you can show up on search engines and on mobile devices.


1.) PowerListing Management

Create a keyword-focused local SEO business listings campaign and optimize your listings in Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and 46 more with our PowerListing Management service.  This is a great search engine marketing option for new business startups with smaller marketing budgets, or those new to search engine marketing.  This include monthly listing updates for some listings and review monitoring for those sites that offer review services.


2.) Local Social Media Marketing

We offer the next step in expanding your online visibility by setting up an optimized social media presence for your company. Consistency with information and branding are very important with your online presence, as well as being able to interact with your client base.  Our service includes establishing and/or optimizing your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest with optional LinkedIn and YouTube accounts optimization if needed for your industry.  Included are one post on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter weekly, as well as one post to Pinterest monthly.


3.) Website Creation and/or Optimization

There are a variety of solutions for your website needs.  Since each situation is unique, we offer a variety of website options from customized pre-made template WordPress websites that are responsive for mobile, to custom graphic design to represent your company image exactly as you’ve envisioned.  We work with some of the talented teams of New Orleans website developers and graphic designers.



You may have a restaurant, construction company, dry cleaning businesses, or property management company – or maybe you’ve gone out on your own as a doctor, dentist, or attorney. Whatever your business may be, we are here to take you online and put you in front of qualified potential customers.

The Startup Plan – New Business, No Website Yet

If you’ve just started your business, we have a solution that will fit your budget and needs. Our local SEO PowerListing Management service will be an excellent place for you to begin establishing your Web presence. Once you see your ROI on the business listings, you can work with Webtyde Internet Marketing to move your campaign to the next level and incorporate social media optimization and/or create an inexpensive SEO website to really establish your brand and generate more qualified leads and revenue for your growing company.


The Small Business Plan – You WANT A Website

Is it time for your business to grow and have a professional website? We partner with several local website development companies in New Orleans that provide a variety of website development options. From customizing WordPress templates, to getting a beautiful custom website from the ground up; we can help connect you with some of the best developers in Louisiana. Once you have your new website, there is no limit to the online visibility that is possible. We help train and manage your team to take on many tasks in-house or we can provide services to help get you the most visibility for your industry, in your geographic market.


The High Visibility Local Plan – You HAVE Website And Need Exposure

Do you already have a nice website but wonder why it doesn’t show up in search engines when you perform searches with keywords related to your business? There are many reasons why it may not show up – but there are plenty more ways that we can help you overcome issues that impede your visibility. We offer custom SEO proposals for each individual website and campaign. Once we review your unique situation, we’ll give you a proposal detailing our solutions that will help increase your online brand visibility.


How Local SEO Services Work

Webtyde Internet Marketing provides local SEO services by taking a tiered approach to your online presence.  For those startup companies on a budget, we offer the PowerListing services to help establish an online presence without the investment up front of a website.  Next, we offer the Social Media  Setup that expands your online presence allowing for more interactivity with your potential customers.  These are two important aspects of organic search engine optimization.

Once you feel its time to move to the next level and create a professional responsive website, we offer many options that will fit your budget.  Since inbound linking, consistency of information, and social media interactivity are so important in organic SEO, you will already be ahead of the game by the time you are ready for your website.

We offer much more aggressive local SEO packages for a higher fee, but we feel this is an excellent place to begin if you are a new business or new to marketing your business online.

Your overall SEO campaign needs are determined by your desired exposure level and how competitive your industry is. Industries with little competition may find enough exposure with our local SEO PowerListing management services. More competitive industries will be advised to choose a more competitive approach, which include having us create and/or optimize your business website along with the PowerListing management and social media setup services. Webtyde Internet Marketing reviews the competition for each client and recommends actions based on our findings for your unique case.

Local map results in the major search engines are seen on desktop and laptop computer searches and on many iPhones, Blackberry, iPads, and other Internet capable mobile devices. Businesses really can’t ask for more ready-to-buy customers than those on mobile devices.


Mobile Search Visibility

An example of a local business listing is a Google Places business page which shows up on Google Maps when you search for a local product or service. Another example is the online review website, Yelp.com. Visitors to Yelp.com go there to view what people had to say about their experiences with your business, both good and bad. Many search engines are not only taking your geographic location into account when delivering results, they are taking into consideration your reviews by your customers.

The most powerful local SEO campaigns are those with both an optimized website and local SEO business listings and social media optimization. Optimized websites are those websites that implement targeted keywords by using coding and SEO copywriting, and by making sure that your website adheres to search engine optimization ethical best practices. Content marketing, especially optimized online press releases, gives your campaign the vital inbound links from other websites that help show that your website is reputable and authoritative.

One of the biggest myths out there is that small businesses can’t afford to create a Web presence, much less optimize it for search engines so they’ll rank more highly on major search engines. Webtyde Internet Marketing offers small businesses basic website and SEO campaigns that can help even sole proprietors get ranked for local results by paying less than the cost of one week of advertisement in their local entertainment newspaper. And with Internet marketing in contrast to print, you are specifically targeting customers that are ready to buy which gives you an amazing return on your investment.

Webtyde Internet Marketing offers affordable search engine optimization in every city in the world. If you have a business, we can get you listed. Contact us today or submit a request for information and we will get back to you with more information.

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