It’s that time of the year again. The time where the Halloween decorations come out in all the stores reminding you that Fall is here. I’m sure you noticed that some places are already stocking their Christmas decorations along with their Halloween items. Each year Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier.

Ecommerce SEO Social Media Influence on Purchases

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There was a recent study by MarketLive that details the roles mobile and social channels will play in this holiday shopping season.  They surveyed 1,000 smartphone owners (50% women/men) who spend at least $250 annually online.  Their survey found that 30% of people made a purchase as a direct result of “engagement with a social networking site”.

A similar topic in Marketing Land goes further.  These engagements were said to range from sharing product recommendations and gift ideas, to “likes” by other friends on Facebook thereby considered a direct “thumbs up” by other people in their network.

The purchase triggers that were top on the list were free shipping, special deals, reward points, and coupons/discounts.  The following also shows in order if importance what influences purchases on social media:

  • Free shipping offers
  • Exclusive discounts (social media members)
  • Rewards/loyalty points
  • Daily deals
  • Access to exclusive products
  • Ability to vote on which promotion company offers to social network
  • A friend “Liked” a product
  • A product has received many “Likes”

Social media for ecommerce SEO has become a necessity with some great returns.  Not only does social media activity extend your brands reach and visibility, it helps your organic SEO rankings which gives your website greater overall visibility.