I was strolling down Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans the other day when I stopped by my favorite old-school locksmith to find a printed response to a Yelp review hanging from their window.  I thought it was quite a unique and creative way of responding to the new-school social media review.

I’m thinking this is mostly a result of New Orleans culture.  New Orleans still has a small town mentality in some areas regardless of the influx of new people.  It still values traditional business interaction and small town personability and lack thereof.  When this style of business meets the new world of Internet communication, it can get very interesting and funny if you’re watching it pan out.

Regardless of your stance on the situation or their service, I think this was hilarious.

New Orleans Company Yelp Response  - H. Rault

New Orleans Company H. Rault Yelp Response

Here is the actual Yelp listing with some pretty interesting reviews and responses: https://www.yelp.com/biz/h-rault-locksmiths-new-orleans

New Orleans Business Responds to Yelp Review

H. Rault New Orleans Business Uniquely Responds to Yelp Review