Size Guides and Image Dimensions For Social Media Marketing and Branding

As you all know, every citation or reference to your business online is an important representation of your company.  Each and every reference to your brand must be professional, complete, and consistent to gain a customer's trust, especially in social media. Here are some image dimensions and size guides for your social media marketing branding setup

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How Does Social Media Impact Your SEO?

While Google may seem to be ever-changing, even fickle, the masterminds behind the search engine’s algorithms have the same goal as any service provider does: to offer its users a top quality experience. In the case of Google, the users want honest, meaningful, and engaging content. They want answers and amusement. Most importantly, they want

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Much More Than Just SEO

In 2015, our role in your marketing mix is no longer just SEO for organic rankings.  SEO is an important step in the process, but there are many more elements of search engine marketing that need to be addressed. Webtyde Digital Marketing has been evolving year after year becoming more of a search engine marketing company than

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Social Signal And Organic Rankings

Social signals are the factors Google and other search engines take into account when ranking your website in their organic search engine results. Social signals as viewed by Google take into consideration you as a person, who you are, what is your reputation online, how you are affiliated with a website/company, and numerous other interactions

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The Importance of Social Media and SEO Integration

This is a great article by Matt McGee that shows how social media has a direct effect on organic search engine rankings and successful SEO campaigns.  All our clients have social media optimization built into our campaigns as of January 2013.  Everyone has see positive results due to this action and their continued social media

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