Mobile SEO: Important Insights for 2017

I recently came upon an article from Google that details how devices are now being used by people.  This is of great value to mobile SEO and SEM campaigns all over the United States.  From our digital marketing and SEO headquarters in New Orleans, we constantly evolve our best practices for all our clients based

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Mobile SEO updates from Google

It is that time of year again: vacationing is over, the kids are heading back to school, and Google is announcing more "suggestions" for bettering your mobile SEO via helping users more easily access your content on mobile.  By suggesting, they mean if you would like to continue being visible.  After all, everything we do

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Local SEO Landing Pages

Local SEO landing pages are great opportunities to convey you information and increase you online visibility in organic search engine results. Webtyde Digital Marketing has worked with many clients to help improve their local SEO and increase their online visibility in organic search engine results.  From New Orleans to Europe, we have helped companies localize

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Summer Solstice and SEO

What do the longest day of the year and SEO have to do with one another?? The summer solstice is the beginning of summer, the beginning of Q3, and a great time to make sure your website SEO is in tip-top shape for back-to-school and the holiday madness. Each quarter, we run a detailed review

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Mobile SEO Mobile-Friendliness

While many people take into consideration all forms of mobile-friendliness when designing and optimizing a website for search, some do not.  Not only is a mobile-friendly design and coding extremely important, the on-site mobile SEO must be implemented as well.   Mobile-Friendly Test The first step is to determine if your website is mobile-friendly according

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New Orleans SEO Tool: Rich Snippets and Microdata Generator

As part of our local New Orleans SEO and SEM campaigns, we incorporate many coding and copy writing techniques to clearly convey what a websites is about and that they are the authority in that industry.  By including such coding as rich snippets and microdata in website local SEO, we can clarify more important information like NAPs (name, address,

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Merry Christmas To All

All of us at Webtyde Digital Marketing wish you and your loved ones a safe, and very Merry Christmas for 2015!   New Orleans Christmas in the Park 2015 - City Park  

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Happy Fall 2015!

Happy Fall!  For those of us in New Orleans, the Fall finally means cooler temperatures.  For everyone else, it means football, Halloween, and holidays.  May you have a wonderful Autumn and enjoy the beautiful weather! This also means it's time to make sure all your ecommerce sites are updated and ready to go for the holiday

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How Does Social Media Impact Your SEO?

While Google may seem to be ever-changing, even fickle, the masterminds behind the search engine’s algorithms have the same goal as any service provider does: to offer its users a top quality experience. In the case of Google, the users want honest, meaningful, and engaging content. They want answers and amusement. Most importantly, they want

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