Google Fall Graphic

As the temperature here in New Orleans finally drops to a decent level, Google helps us welcome in the Fall of 2014 with its usual fun graphics.  Here are some screenshots of their Fall animation on today, Sept. 23, 2014:      

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Google “Pigeon” Local Algorithm Update: Not Just A Pretty Name

Google has been very busy over the last week launching and updating a new algorithm change.  The Pigeon algorithm update (as named by Search Engine Land) was confirmed on July 24th by Google.  This update is focused on serving up more appropriate local search results.  Yelp and local directory listings, similar to Webtyde's local SEO PowerListing Management

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Beta Testing Google Domains

I recently received an invite to be a beta tester for the latest and greatest attempt by Google to take over the online world. Google Domains is offering reasonably priced domain name registration. What it is offering in addition to this is what's really interesting. Much More Than Just Domains Google Domains offers much more than just

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Google World Cup 2014

Google is in the spirit of the 2014 World Cup Soccer/Football and it is a cute little break from all the ever-changing SEO and Internet marketing news we usually write about.             I hope you are all planning on supporting the USA team against Ghana on Monday, June 16th at

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The Right To Be Forgotten Ruling

The EU's Court of Justice has ruled that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and any other search engines must allow people the "right to be forgotten". Google was ordered to comply when individuals ask for links to articles or websites to be removed. This is a major step forward for individual privacy, but a step backward for

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Larger Companies Recognize the Importance Of Google+

The New York Times recently wrote and article that highlighted two major US brands that have chosen to utilize Google+ as a focus for new market share.  Starbucks and The Economist are focusing on how Google+ can effect their search marketing campaign. Many large and cutting-edge companies with daring marketing teams (time and budgets) are

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Google Announces New WordPress Plugin

Google today announced the launch of their new beta-version Publisher Plugin.  This offers easy Webmaster Tools verification and AdSense implementation if you aren't experienced in adding your own code to deliver add on your WordPress website. This will be a convenient plugin if you are not familiar with the existing free options from other sources

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