Google Confirms Broad Core Algorithm Change for 3/12/2019

Google confirmed a "broad core" algorithm change occurred on 3/12/2019.  We don't know exactly what changed, but its usually surprising when they confirm an algorithm change. Google went on its Twitter to repost a previous Tweet from 10/11/2018 restating the following: "Here’s an update about updates -- updates to our search algorithms. As explained

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Google Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Picture Y2K (the year 2000). DSL was the cool new thing versus dial up Internet.  The browser of choice was Yahoo at the time.  AOL was king.  Frames were all the rage. I was in technical support for an ISP (Internet Service Provider) starting my website business that year.  There was this new search

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Google Expands Its Meta Description Length

As I'm sure you've noticed, Google has extended the amount of characters they support in their search results.  Although Google has been know and says they use snippets from wherever they choose on that page, most often they use the Meta Description tag in theto describe what your page is about.  It used to be

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4 Ways To Secure Your Website From Being Hacked

Hacked websites are not only a major security issue for any sensitive data you have on your server, it's a free ride to the bottom of the rankings in Google.  Lately, we've had to help several companies who fell victim to hackers inserting malicious code and/or spam advertising into their website, destroying their local/national SEO campaigns. The following reposted

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Google Showing Twitter Content in Search Results

Google announced last week it will now bring Twitter Tweets to Google Search on mobile devices.  Google Search includes Google app or any browser on your phone or tablet.  They will show real-time content from Twitter in the search results. This is an excellent way to both view real-time event comments and be a part

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Google My Business (GMB) Cleaning House

Google announced recently via email to The Google Maps Business View Team to certified Google Photographers for Business Views that it will be removing all inactive Google+ Pages on July 28, 2015. Google My Business (GMB) is a place where you can put all your business information on Google in one place that appears in

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Google Mobile-Friendly Update Rolling Out

Google has been rolling out the anticipated pre-announced algorithm algorithm changes starting in the US and moving across the globe. Google is boosting the rankings of mobile-friendly web pages on mobile search results. They are trying to give their mobile search users a better mobile experience with the results they are delivering. This has no

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Official Launch Date Announced For Google’s Mobile-Friendly Website Algorithm

When Google Webmaster blog recommends changes to your website, this is normally a big hint that recommendation will be included in future algorithm changes.  When they announce the actual date the "ranking signal" or algorithm will go into affect, you better believe they mean business. Google announced last week they will be making mobile-friendly websites more visible

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Look Out SEO, Google Penguin Update is Coming

Gary Illyes, Google Webmastaer Trends Analyst and Search Quality Engineer, said Google may be launching an algorithm update to the existing "Penguin" algorithm.  Illyes announced this at the Search Marketing Expo - SMX East 2014 on October 2nd.  This is said to be an actual re-write of the algorithm which is a much larger change

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