Idea Village Google Glass Presentation By Morgan Seitzler of Webtyde and Barrett Conrad of Cotingasoft

Come join us on Wednesday, October 16th from 3pm-5pm at the Idea Village for a New Orleans Google Glass presentation and demo:    Morgan Seitzler of Webtyde Digital Marketing along with expert software and mobile application developer Barrett Conrad of Cotingasoft will be delivering the presentation for Idea Village's IDEAinstitute's weekly series for New Orleans

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Google Glass SEO Now A Reality

I've come to realize that we may indeed have more power as SEOs with Google Glass than I originally thought. Today, Google launched XE7 for the Explorer beta version of Glass.  Glass now has the capabilities of rendering actual websites for the first time.  Glass is showing search results similar to the mobile and desktop

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New Orleans Google Glass Lunch And Learn

Webtyde Digital Marketing is hosting Lunch and Learn at LaunchPad on Wednesday at noon. Please RSVP if you would like to join us on Wednesday: For Tuesday evening's Hack Night, please see details here: Hack Night - - - - - Event Details Come to LaunchPad Lunch and Learn on Wednesday at noon to see the

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New Orleans Google Glass Demo

Webtyde Digital Marketing is proud to announce the demo of Google Glass at the New Orleans Hack Night at LaunchPad at 7pm on Tuesday, 6/25.  We will go over the basic functions currently offered the beta version and have a Q&A session.  We will discuss the potential this device has for delivering information to its

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Google Glasses And The Future of SEO

Google Glasses Many people today were born into the computer generation without ever knowing what life was like before computers, video games, mobile phones, TVs everywhere, and being able to search for information immediately.  The time has come once again for a social, technological, and search change as big as the first personal

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